Due to the Covid-19 situation, all of the Public meetings and Coffee morning at NCW Bible Fellowship are currently suspended until further notice.

As a nation we have all been affected by the current covid-19 emergency. Almost overnight our lives were changed, and many people have been left with what they feel is an uncertain future. Fear and anxiety are prevalent in our society and people are wondering where to turn to for the answers to some of life's questions. When life gets rough … really ROUGH, and when human help isn't enough where do you turn? There really are only a few options - You can pretend it will be ok, you can drown in despair or you can find real and certain hope. We believe that God's word, the Bible is as real and relevant today as it has always been and brings a message of hope and good news to a hurting world. This hope is not in material things or a religion or church but in a person, Jesus Christ.

Although we are currently closed for Public meetings the church is still functioning and if we can be of any assistance to you, if we can pray for you or if you would like to receive a free Bible please get in touch with us.

Please click on the links below to some Video and Audio files which we trust will be a help to you.


Getting Involved is Simple
We believe God is doing something special at Newcastle West Bible Fellowship, and we want you to be a part of it.

Come as you are. At Newcastle West Bible Fellowship, we deal in real-life, not make-believe, so there is no room for spiritual superiority or reputation building. Just come as you are, because nobody here is perfect—and hopefully, nobody pretends to be.

Get connected. No one should face real-life alone. Sometimes life comes in the form of joy and happiness; other times it comes in pain and suffering. No matter your season in life, our desire is to help you create your own community. While we can't make friends for you, we can help you, and your family, connect. We offer many ways to help you engage with others.

Serve. You were created on purpose, with purpose, by a God who thinks your life is way too important to let you spend it all on yourself. Our desire is to help you discover and develop your life's purpose by offering you opportunities to serve and connect. Whether you are people-oriented or task-oriented, introverted or extroverted, a long-term Christ follower or just checking God out, we have something for you.


Located in Newcastle West, our church has a passion for sharing Christ's love

We are a local church who believe that God has a plan and a purpose for you and your family! Newcastle West Bible Fellowship begun back in 1999, and since then we're growing with a passion to help you find your purpose and place in this life through a growing relationship with Jesus.

Maybe you grew up at church, and now that you have a family of your own you are thinking about finding a place… or maybe you've come to the place where you have everything in life that you've ever wanted, and yet it still seems as if something is missing. No matter where you are in the journey of life, we have a place for you.

Please join us. We'd love for you to be a part of the Newcastle West Bible Fellowship!

Newcastle West Bible Fellowship

Service times

10:30 AM - Breaking of Bread
11:45 AM - Family Service
7:00 PM - Evening Service
7:00 PM - Prayer and Devotional



  • North Quay
  • Newcastle West
  • Co. Limerick

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At Newcastle West Bible Fellowship you'll find a community of real people, led by leaders who emphasize their real-world, real-life experience to guide our community toward an authentic and abundant life.

who is Jesus

The understanding of Christ is hugely important. Jesus is the saviour of the world and He wants a relationship with you.